Visitor Counting in Worship Place

⛪ The Challenge

In short:

  • We helped a Trusted ENLITEON VAR to provide a fast solution to a major Place of Whorship in Venice;
  • This was a case of high visitor traffic with an average of about 10k people per day with peaks of 2k per hour;
  • The challenge was to deliver a Maximum Occupancy visitor counting solution.

✅ The Solution

How we solved:

  • A reliable visitor counting system was essential to ensure visitors’ safety and to monitor Maximum Occupancy limits particularly after the outbreak COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Three 3D cameras were installed at the front main entrances, while a third was installed in the side door. In this way the entire flow of incoming and outgoing visitors is constantly monitored.
  • In essence we have converted each 3D camera in a fully working People Counting Camera.

🙂 The Benefits

  • SAFETY: At daylight hours it is allowed to enter only within the limit number due to avoiding assemblies;
  • SECURITY: At the evening closing there is the certainty that nobody has stayed inside;

Patriarchate of Venice said:
"Now we can count daily the number of paying and non-paying visitors that access the site!"



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