The portable people tracking software company

About us

ENLITEON is the independent people tracking software company offering a truly advanced and integration-ready people counting and tracking middleware software based on 3D vision. In a nutshell: ENLITEON platform independent software transforms the latest consumer and industrial 3D cameras into what is probably the most performant people counter/tracker on the market.

The company's vision for a primary role in the video intelligence data generation market is based on the perfect balance between solid industrial background and academic research know-how. ENLITEON's strategy comes from the vast experience of its team in dealing with large and demanding global corporate customers. ENLITEON can deliver, at the same time, maximum reliability and bespoke details.

ENLITEON, producing technology independent and vendor neutral people tracking middleware, partners, with most 3D video sensor manufacturers who are interested in transforming their general purpose 3D cameras into dedicated people tracking sensors.

Business Model

Main cornerstone of the go-to-market strategy is not to supply solutions directly to end-users but to enable trusted and certified partners to do so guaranteeing them quick returns and long term advantages. Typical ENLITEON partners are manufacturers, system integrators and VAR's in sectors like Retail Intelligence, Smart Cities, Access Control, Video Surveillance. 

At ENLITEON we pride ourselves with guaranteeing our long term partners a true platform independence by enabling them to:

  • beat competition by delivering integrated solutions with quickest time to market
  • implement state-of-the-art solutions with minimum initial investment
  • choose the most suitable 3D sensor technology to any environment and range
  • keep freedom to mix products of different vendors