Maximum Occupancy Monitoring Solution

Covid-19 Social Distance

The problem

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented issues due to the high contagiousness among nearby people.

Most countries, are applying strict laws and strong advice about social distancing precautions and maximum occupancy monitoring in a point of sale.


Maximum Occupancy Control

Strictly regulated maximum occupancy limits must be constantly monitored 

Violations should be immediately detected and reported 


Monitoring the number of people within a certain area (aisle, lobby, region of interest, etc.) is often required

ENLITEON EDGE can provide in real-time people density in areas of any size and shape


Safety zone violation

A safety zone can be marked on the floor to prevent the access of one person at a time (anti-tailgating) and to detect personal distancing violations.

The system issues a warning if more than one person is present in the safety zone.



In minimum configuration it is made of a controller, a 3D camera and a monitor or tablet

Can work in stand-alone mode even if no network connectivity is available but multiple sensors (wide and/or multiple doors) can be seamlessly integrated into larger systems.

Counts tripwire crossings and presence in Region Of Interest (ROI)

When ceiling mounted, it does not interfere with the store layout