People density monitoring

The challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented issues due to the high contagiousness among nearby people.

Most countries, are applying strict laws and strong advice about social distancing precautions to try to stop the wave of infections.


The Solution

ENLITEON implements from a single door to the most complex geographically distributed architecture. Counting data are delivered in cloud or fog to any number of simultaneous clients. The interface is web-based so any PC, smartphone, tablet can access the sensors’ configuration.


The Benefit

Monitoring the number of people within a certain area (aisle, lobby, region of interest, etc.) is often required.

ENLITEON can provide in real-time people density in areas of any size and shape 


Ski Station: Skiers Counting

🚠 The Challenge:

  • Cable cars, chair lifts, and cableway installations in a Ski Station have the delicate function of transporting skiers between places of departure and arrival that present steep slopes and environmental obstacles;
  • Safety must be one of the most important elements to guarantee to operators and above all to users who use them;
  • For this reason, a major supplier of ski cable cars has requested a system of counting people for safety purposes in order to have a Real Time Monitoring about the users number at the same time on a cable;

✅ The Solution:

  • Have been installed 3D people cameras who count all the skiers entering the moving walkway after the turnstile;
  • The cameras are able to count and distinguish whether the user is an adult or a child;


🙂 The Benefits:

The Ski Station Plant Manager at the end said:

"Now I can know at any time how many skiers are on the chairlift at the same time for adults and children."



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Visitor Counting in Worship Place

⛪ The Challenge

In short:

  • We helped a Trusted ENLITEON VAR to provide a fast solution to a major Place of Whorship in Venice;
  • This was a case of high visitor traffic with an average of about 10k people per day with peaks of 2k per hour;
  • The challenge was to deliver a Maximum Occupancy visitor counting solution.

✅ The Solution

How we solved:

  • A reliable visitor counting system was essential to ensure visitors’ safety and to monitor Maximum Occupancy limits particularly after the outbreak COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Three 3D cameras were installed at the front main entrances, while a third was installed in the side door. In this way the entire flow of incoming and outgoing visitors is constantly monitored.
  • In essence we have converted each 3D camera in a fully working People Counting Camera.

🙂 The Benefits

  • SAFETY: At daylight hours it is allowed to enter only within the limit number due to avoiding assemblies;
  • SECURITY: At the evening closing there is the certainty that nobody has stayed inside;

Patriarchate of Venice said:
"Now we can count daily the number of paying and non-paying visitors that access the site!"



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Dwell time monitoring in London railway station

The challenge

The longer a person is looking at a shop window or a sales counter the more likely he will buy something. Monitoring this dwell time means improving sales. That’s why our customer asked for a people tracking and dwell time system in order to know, at any time, how long the people stay in front of his retail desk placed in a railway station in London.


The Solution

The sensors were installed in front of the shop counter and count the number of people in a given area identified by a virtual geometric polygon. The software takes into account all the moving pedestrians and calculates the dwell time.


Ther Benefit

The knowledge of dwell time is a marketing intelligence tool that will allow the counter manager to make decisions aimed at increasing sales.

Remote patient monitoring device with bed exit alarm

The Challenge 🤕

The healthcare staff alone cannot guarantee constant patient monitoring without an system of devices that supports them in reduce fall risk.

  • Patient falls are a common and very serious healthcare problem resulting in:
    High human costs;
  • Organizational costs;


Solution 🚦

Introduction of a Remote Patient Monitoring System which is composed of 2 main elements:

  • A Device used as a bed exit sensor (can be bed fixed, mobile or wearable by the patient);
  • A Patient Monitoring Software that generates bed exit alarm in real time;

ENLITEON has designed a bed-exit sensor that can seamlessly retrofit any existing bed.



The Benefit 🙂

The sensor issues immediate bed-exit alarm which could result in a timely and effective incident avoidance whithout need the costant monitoring of caregivers alone.


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How does bed exit remote patient monitoring work

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meeting room

Embedded 3D People Counter for Smart Office

🖥 The Challenge

A big multinational energy company has requested a dynamic people counting system to monitor the employees' presence in the common areas such as the canteen, the meeting room and the auditorium.

A reliable counting system was essential to ensure the safety of all the employees and to o check the use of the reserved meeting rooms.

✅ The Solution

The sensors has been installed over the common area entrances in order to count all the people entering and leaving a workstation or a common area;

🙂 The benefits

Now the Company is able to check the occupancy status of the meeting rooms and workstations: free, committed, booked, occupied;


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