Ski Station: Skiers Counting

🚠 The Challenge:

  • Cable cars, chair lifts, and cableway installations in a Ski Station have the delicate function of transporting skiers between places of departure and arrival that present steep slopes and environmental obstacles;
  • Safety must be one of the most important elements to guarantee to operators and above all to users who use them;
  • For this reason, a major supplier of ski cable cars has requested a system of counting people for safety purposes in order to have a Real Time Monitoring about the users number at the same time on a cable;

✅ The Solution:

  • Have been installed 3D people cameras who count all the skiers entering the moving walkway after the turnstile;
  • The cameras are able to count and distinguish whether the user is an adult or a child;


🙂 The Benefits:

The Ski Station Plant Manager at the end said:

"Now I can know at any time how many skiers are on the chairlift at the same time for adults and children."



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