Occupancy Monitoring for Social Distancing

Build your solution for occupancy monitoring

Implementing quickly a robust solution for occupancy monitoring for social distancing is now essential for many retailers around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented issues due to the high contactless transmissibility of the disease among nearby people, and most countries are applying strict laws and strong advice about social distancing precautions.

  • Minimum of at least 1.5 meters interpersonal distance is strongly recommended
  • The number of  persons per m2 in the store is strictly regulated and limited
  • Monitoring the maximum  number of people per aisle or area is often required

With EDGE SD, any integrator can quickly build his own product for occupancy monitoring and compliance with social distancing measures. 

EDGE SD, a special edition of the ENLITEON EDGE middleware, implements occupancy monitoring, social distancing and allows access of one person at a time (anti-tailgating). Maximum Occupancy (MO) of visitors is configurable; a warning is issued when this limit is exceeded. If needed, the number of staff can be counted in the number of occupants.


ENLITEON EDGE middleware implements from a single door to the most complex geographically distributed architectureCounting data are delivered in cloud or fog to any number of simultaneous clients. The interface is web-based so any PC, smartphone, tablet can access the sensors’ configuration. 

Occupancy management for social distancing made easier with ENLITEON technology

Data privacy

ENLITEON people detection algorithms have by design built-in privacy: they work exclusively on 3D detection of body silhouettes. Anyone or anything having a volume cannot escape detection, but no facial recognition or profiling is implemented, and no personal data is temporarily or permanently stored.

ENLITEON EDGE SD cannot generate sensitive personal data and cannot, therefore, violate GDPR and/or other privacy regulations. Get in touch to receive our datasheet, and start building your custom solution for occupancy monitoring for social distancing.

How does it work?

  • Before the entrance, there is a safety zone that should be accessed by no more than one person at a time. This is needed for personal distancing and for avoiding tailgating i.e. attempts to bypass controls.
  • Greenlight is granted until the occupancy limit is reached. A visual indication is displayed and a vocal message is played.
  • When the Maximum Occupancy (MO) limit is reached the system will display a stop sign until the next customer exits. A text message is displayed and a vocal message is played.
  • Exits are monitored and decrease the occupancy counter. In case MO has been reached any exit will allow entry.
  • The system issues an alert in case of unauthorized entries above the MO limit. A visual indication is displayed and a vocal message is played.
  • The system issues a warning if more than one person is present in the safety zone.

Policies for either detecting or ignoring children, pets, carts, mainly depending on height, can be applied when reasonably and unambiguously defined.


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