Remote patient monitoring device with bed exit alarm

The Challenge šŸ¤•

The healthcare staff alone cannot guarantee constant patient monitoring without an system of devices that supports them in reduce fall risk.

  • Patient falls are a common and very serious healthcareĀ problemĀ resulting in:
    High human costs;
  • Organizational costs;


Solution šŸš¦

Introduction of a Remote Patient Monitoring System which is composed of 2 main elements:

  • A Device used as a bed exit sensor (can be bed fixed, mobile or wearable by the patient);
  • A Patient Monitoring Software that generates bed exit alarm in real time;

ENLITEON has designed a bed-exit sensor that can seamlessly retrofit any existing bed.



The Benefit šŸ™‚

The sensor issues immediate bed-exit alarm which could result in a timely and effective incident avoidanceĀ whithout need the costant monitoring of caregivers alone.


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How does bed exit remote patient monitoring work

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